About Us


Our commitment to quality advice, expert workmanship, and fair, competitive pricing give us the edge. It’s how we do business, our team of professionals making themselves available to push your every project to its ultimate success. The end result is a product that has taken the industry by storm in recent years, leaving one name on top when it comes to metal solutions and fabrications:

Megstar Industries. Where good enough is not good enough. It has to be right.


Quality Advice

Our more than 50 years’ of industry experience in consulting and design-build fabrications allow us the expertise to advise customers on manufacturing solutions.

At Megstar Industries, it’s our fabrication experience that sets us apart, but our passion for the industry that gives us the edge. Don’t settle for a by-the-numbers fabrication service. Choose Megstar.

Expert Workmanship

Our team of industry professionals and craftsmen are fully-equipped to accommodate all of your design-built and production fabrications. With a full complement of cutting-edge equipment, extensive training and certifications, and the results to back it all up, Megstar Industries is a leader in our industry.

Our team of industry professionals is fully equipped to tackle projects of any shape, nature, and size. Because, if you’re going to do something, why not get an expert to do it?

If you find a high quality constructor for your project?