Architectural Solutions

Buildings age, just like people. A sturdy window frame or doorway today could become unsafe if left to its own devices for many years. All it takes for a set of professionally-wired roof lights to give up the ghost is an exceptionally strong hurricane.

Doors come off of their hinges more often than you’d expect. Foundations crack, and storms and earthquakes can cause damage that lasts for years after they pass. What’s important to keep in mind, though, is that there’s always a solution.

Architectural solutions are specifically-designed products and services that take structural shortcomings and set them right.

Sound a little broad? That’s because these issues can and (almost always do) take different shapes depending on your unique living environment. Two identical houses on the same block could take different kinds of damage during a hurricane.

That’s why Megstar Industries’ bespoke architectural solutions are so useful. Custom designed in response to each project we take on, our products are measured and constructed to solve your problems. Nobody lives through a house’s lifespan in the same way, after all, so if you’re going to fix a problem, why leave it in the hands of a generic product?

Investing in architectural solutions from Megstar means top-quality products, made-to-measure for your building. Windows, roof lights and doors get unique treatment, with minimal frames designed for an unobtrusive installation. Moreover, the final product is functional and fixes your problem in a meaningful way.

Final products are fitted by a team of experts who were, themselves, involved in the design and construction.  Because these are specially designed architectural solutions, it’s important to get them fitted just right, which is why we opt for a hands-on approach to their installation.

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