Structural Solutions

Life is full of surprises. Roads and byways flood during big storms. Storm doors get old and stop working during peak hail. Buildings made in the ‘70s to “last a hundred years” may take one knock from an unexpected hurricane and suddenly become much less structurally sound.

Or maybe your needs aren’t the result of some cataclysm or collapse in your building, road or other installation. Sometimes needs arise from us wanting more from our structures. Maybe your screen door keeps out insects just fine, but you wish it would block out the sun, as well.

The point is, from time to time, we need to respond to a structural issue that doesn’t suit us with a structural solution.

That’s where Megstar Industries comes in. Our position as one of the premier design-build, prototyping, and production services companies puts our structural solutions well ahead of any competition in this particular industry. With our extensive industry experience and our innovative approach, Megstar is the perfect storm for structural solution development.

Professional, Registered Engineers

The need for structural solutions can come up faster than you might think and many people react to this urgency by hiring the first person willing to take the job. This is a dangerous game to play, especially when the structure in question helps to keep staff or members of the public safe.

You need qualified professionals in your corner when you start this kind of job. At Megstar, our registered engineers bring professional skills and an eye for accuracy to every project.


When you hire an amateur for a structural solutions project, you’re not only running the risk of them making a mistake or missing something, but also in having to shoulder the blame yourself.

In situations where a structural solution fails and the person who built it was not licensed or qualified, the onus falls on the person who paid for the project. Legal ramifications, fines, and other consequences become your responsibility because, in all fairness, the person you hired for the job wasn’t a professional.

Megstar Industries is a professional, registered service provider. We back our work and pride ourselves on the quality of our end product.

Get the structural solution you're looking for, with custom-built fabrications from Megstar Industries.