MIG and TIG welding

MIG and TIG Welding: A Closer Look

When it comes to metal fabrication projects that require welded parts, your options are pretty far-ranging. Welding is a crucial pillar in the manufacturing process but can integrate any one of a dozen different methods, muddying the water somewhat. Two of the most popular processes are MIG and TIG welding. But what is the difference […]

building code compliance

Why Building Code Compliance is Essential to Quality Manufacturing

Before a construction project begins, architects must be careful to ensure that everything from the layout and materials used is according to exact specifications during the planning and design process. The term quality manufacturing refers to conformance to specifications. Building codes uphold these regulations and keep construction workers and project managers accountable for their work.      […]

fall arrest system

What Does a Fall Arrest System Do?

If you work in construction, you know the risks of the job all too well. As a construction worker, you must always be aware of your surroundings, especially when working on a job site. Dangerous tools, materials, and heights can easily make any wrong step or blind move a lot worse. An accident on the […]

plexiglass sneeze guard

Three Benefits of Plexiglass Sneeze Guards in Your Business

Throughout the past six months, we have seen how a global pandemic can change the economy. Many businesses have had to follow strict CDC regulations to remain open. These regulations and guidelines include:  Wearing a mask in public  Tracking daily health  Maintaining 6-foot distance  Quarantining yourself when sick  At Megstar Industries, we have created an extra […]

office health and safety

Office Health and Safety: Protect Yourself Against COVID-19

Many around the world have been affected by the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. During these times, it is important to understand all aspects of office health and safety and be prepared to safeguard your staff and customers.  A new virus such as COVID-19 has more impact on our society because of the lack of formed […]

Sneeze Guards

Plexiglass Sneeze Guards From MegStar Industries

Over the course of 2020, we’ve all become a little more familiar with the ways in which viruses and bacteria spread. Droplets and spray released during a cough or sneeze are a natural part of your body’s defense system. It’s how we release irritants from our nose and lungs and how we expel the germs […]

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment: Your Ticket To Safe Welding

When it comes to MIG and TIG welding, new developments in technology and safety standards have made for a much less risky process. That said, nothing involving hot flames is ever going to be completely safe, and it’s important to take precautions. That’s why we’ve put together our official breakdown of some of the most […]

weldable metal

Weldable Metal: To Weld Or Not To Weld

When it comes to the complicated process of welding, selecting the right metal is absolutely crucial. Because there are several factors that can cause failure, choosing an easily weldable metal will heighten your chances of success. Good metals, like low carbon mild steel and aluminum, don’t require many pre-weld and post-weld operations, thus simplifying the […]

metal fabricator

All About Metal Fabrication and the Future of Welding

In its basic definition, metal fabrication is using raw metal materials to build machines and structures. The method entails burning, cutting, welding, machining, forming and assembling, and projects can range from hand railings to heavy machinery. Some subsectors of the method include hardware manufacturing,  cutlery, hand tools, architectural and structural metals, and more. See below […]

weldable metals

Welding 101: Weldable Metals and Methods

When it comes to welding, weldable metals are more receptive to the process than others. A metal is often defined by its weldability, which indicates whether you’ll be able to weld easily. As you’re preparing to start a project that will require metals and welding, considering the weldability is crucial. See below four basic things […]