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Sneeze Guards

Plexiglass Sneeze Guards From MegStar Industries

Over the course of 2020, we’ve all become a little more familiar with the ways in which viruses and bacteria spread. Droplets and spray released during a cough or sneeze are a natural part of your body’s defense system. It’s how we release irritants from our nose and lungs and how we expel the germs that buildup in our bodies during illness.

All of which is great for us, but coughing and sneezing can also spread these germs to other people. And it’s very effective. The spray from an average cough travels as fast as 50 mph, with as many as 3,000 drops in each cough. And sneezes put those numbers to shame, traveling as fast as 100 mph, with upwards of 100,000 drop per sneeze.

It’s with this in mind that MegStar Industries set out to create our own custom line of high-quality sneeze guards for use in businesses and schools.

Sneeze Guards

Let’s take a closer look at what a sneeze guard actually is, before moving forward. These are protective glass screens, cut, assembled, and molded to fits into windowed spaces and stop the spread of germs. You’ll have seen them in store windows, government and post offices, and, most recently, outside restaurants. They work extremely well for protecting food, clients, and staff members.

These screens, while not official medical devices, have qualities similar to high-end PPE. They help to lower and minimize transmission, even in cases where customers aren’t actually wearing masks.

The Build

MegStar industries is proud to produce sneeze guards made of high-quality plexiglass. This is an impact-resistant material, providing exceptional clarity while completely stopping the spread of germs and other contaminants.

Each unit is custom made to your exact specifications. These high-quality units designed to fit snugly into the spaces you already have in your business. Each unit feature the following:

  • A plexiglass shield, cut to your specific needs
  • Custom-fit aluminum legs
  • A durable aluminum base
  • Smoothed edges to avoid scraping
  • Customized finishes, either painted or left in aluminum

Where These Can Be Used

Grocery stores, schools, government offices, and other essential businesses need a way to stay open while staying safe. These sneeze guards, installed at checkout counters, offices, and customer service points help to maintain hygiene.

And, as businesses across the country start reopening their economies, these sneeze protectors are set to see a surge in demand. For a quote on custom orders made to your specific needs, get in touch with us, today at 386-310-7521 or via info@megstarindustries.com.


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