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Welding month

April is National Welding Month

Many professions have been celebrated throughout history, but none are quite as unique as the welding profession. Although it’s not a widely celebrated month of the year, April has been known for decades as National Welding Month. There are over 24 million welders working across the globe. Let’s raise some awareness one blog post at a time!

National Welding Month History

April is National Welding Month, which began during World War II to educate women on the value of welding for the war effort. The annual observance was started in 1967 by the American Welding Society and the AWS Foundation in collaboration with industry leaders and other stakeholders in the welded products manufacturing community. 

Why is April National Welding Month?

National Welding Month aims to raise awareness among individuals who do not currently work in the welding industry about career opportunities associated with welding. In April, you will find many events, activities, and educational opportunities. These help to raise awareness of the welding industry and its importance in our daily lives. 

What It Means to Be a “Welding Professional”

Welding is an art and a science, which means that quality welding requires dedication and skill. As an industrial welder, your work can touch lives. Whether you’re welding the steel beams that supported the One World Trade Center, helping build jet fighters and tanks to defend our freedom, or assisting in the construction of the next big oil rig. Throughout all industries, welders work together with others to build structures and products on which our economy depends.

The Economic Impact of the Welding Industry

Welding plays a critical role in the world’s infrastructure and manufacturing process. Yet, many are unaware of just how important the trade is. The welding industry is a vital component of the American economy. Welding, directly and indirectly, supports over 1.6 million jobs and has an annual economic impact of $171 billion. Accounting for a market of $35 billion in products and services. Welding has been an integral part of the U.S. construction industry and the manufacturing sector. This has led to its status as one of America’s biggest industries.

Celebrate and Raise Awareness for National Welding Month 

 Welding is a considerable part of our society and the economy. We should celebrate all of those within the industry and their work past, present, and future. How can you do your part in raising awareness? – simply take this time to learn more about welding through research and resources. Share your stories and resources on social media using hashtags such as #NationalWeldingDay. Are you looking to support a local welding business in your area? Click here to learn more about our welding services here at Megstar Industries, your local welding, and metal fabrication specialists. 


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