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portable media blasting

3 Fantastic Benefits of Portable Media Blasting

Media Blasting is a common process during initial manufacturing or after to remove debris from a surface to prepare it for paint and other work. This process involves using abrasive material, ranging from sand particles, glass, and much more. These abrasive materials combine with high pressurized air or water, which repels the material onto the surface to get a deep clean without much effort. 

In instances where soap and water might not work, media blasting is a great alternative to clean hard to remove debris such as graffiti, rust, and even natural material such as plants or fungus’. Join us today as we discuss 3 benefits of media blasting that you may not know about.  

#1: Corrosion Removal 

Rust and natural elements such as bacteria, plants, and mold can cause significant damage to a surface if left untreated. Media blasting helps to get into hard to reach places to remove these problems.

After you remove any corrosive elements, you can add corrosive inhibitors to prevent build-up and damage in the future. Weed repellent is great to stop plant growth of any kind.

#2: Prepping Surfaces 

To work on any type of surface, the area must be clean. Media blasting helps remove dirt and grime to make sure that the surface is clean before you are ready to paint. 

This process allows for the paint to go on evenly and stick more effectively to the wall. If you do not adequately clean the surface, you could be left with tacky paint, uneven strokes, and it will not look as esthetically pleasing. 

#3: Abrasive Materials

Media blasting can be dangerous if you do not wear proper protective gear to protect yourself. Particles can get into the air and attach to your skin or clothing, causing irritation on your body and within your lungs. The most common material used includes: 

  • pumice
  • steel grit
  • steel shot
  • glass beads

Because of this, you can customize your materials to receive the results you want. There are more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as: 

  • fruit seeds 
  • nutshells 

Regardless of the material you choose to work with, it is still important to wear protection no matter what. However, it can make you feel better knowing that the material you are working with will cause less harm to the surrounding environment. 

Portable media blasting can be beneficial for many different reasons. Whether you are looking to revamp an old building, preventing corrosion, or prepping a surface for some fresh new paint. Our professionals here at Megstar Industries offer portable media blasting services. As well as wet or dry media blasting to help you get the job done right the first time. If you’re interested in our in-house services, contact us today.


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