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portable media blasting

3 Fantastic Benefits of Portable Media Blasting

Media Blasting is a common process during initial manufacturing or after to remove debris from a surface to prepare it for paint and other work. This process involves using abrasive material, ranging from sand particles, glass, and much more. These abrasive materials combine with high pressurized air or water, which repels the material onto the surface […]

wet vs dry media blasting

Wet vs Dry Media Blasting Pros and Cons

Media blasting combines pressurized air and abrasive material to clean off debris from a surface. You can use this to clean many different types of surfaces and debris, such as: rust graffiti paint  other corrosive material  What this does is clean and or prepare the surface to be worked on. Today we will be discussing […]

media blasting

Media Blasting: Choosing The Right Abrasive For Your Job

In metal processing and fabrication, there’s a specific finishing process that has taken the market by storm in recent years. Media blasting is the art of finishing a piece of metal using a high-pressure propulsion system and abrasive materials. This can remove contaminants and coatings, smooth out a surface, and even alter its shape under […]