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building code compliance

Why Building Code Compliance is Essential to Quality Manufacturing

Before a construction project begins, architects must be careful to ensure that everything from the layout and materials used is according to exact specifications during the planning and design process. The term quality manufacturing refers to conformance to specifications. Building codes uphold these regulations and keep construction workers and project managers accountable for their work.     

In this article will discuss the importance of building code compliance and how it is essential to quality manufacturing.    

What Are Building Codes? 

Building codes are rules specific to each jurisdiction. These codes regulate aspects of a constructed building or non-building object such as:

  • fire
  • life safety
  • structural
  • plumbing
  • electrical 
  • mechanical 

Not complying with building codes can become a potential safety hazard and create structural issues that would make it unsafe for occupants and workers. Local officials are responsible for enforcing building code regulations during construction. Inspections review key aspects of the build, including: 

  • design plans  
  • construction work 
  • issuing building and occupancy permits 

Without building codes, there would be no control of quality manufacturing. 


The most significant compliance that building codes have in quality manufacturing is that no matter what the constructed object is, it must be safe. Today architects and construction workers have worked together to create buildings that can reach the clouds and withstand the force of nature by following regulations and guidelines in places to ensure the quality of the building. 

If a constructed object does not comply with these specific codes, there can be an increased risk of harm to the people around or within the structure. For example, regulations such as total occupancy must be shown in every building to protect the integrity of the building and the safety of the occupants. 

Quality of Materials 

Architects work to determine the quantity of material, where it goes, and the quality of these materials. It is essential to have quality materials go into your building. This will ensure the building will stay protected throughout the years.  

Today we know the devastating effects of Asbestos on our respiratory system. However, before the 1980s, nobody knew how damaging this was on humans. Asbestos is a deadly type of building material that was often used before the 1980s for many building needs. However, after many construction workers and those exposed to asbestos material began developing diseases such as: 

  • mesothelioma
  • lung cancer
  • respiratory conditions

it soon was removed from the market and taken out of old homes and buildings. Ensuring you have safe, quality materials during a build will help you stay within building code compliance. 

Building Code Compliance: Conclusion

For most, if not all, construction projects the goal is to create a functional, safe building that will last throughout the years. When you comply with the building codes in your jurisdiction, you will ensure all aspects of your project run smoothly and are held to quality standards. If you need quality metal fabrication, look no further, Megstar Industries has quality resources and professionals to help you with any metal fabrication job; contact us today to learn more.  


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