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Quality Control and Metal Fabrication ROI

Quality control (QC) is any combination of design analysis and inspection activities that ensure quality in manufactured products. It’s a simple prerequisite, with each “i” dotted and every “t” crossed at each stage of the process. And the final product? That’s something that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Finding suppliers with formal self-quality processes is an important start to your project. Suppliers may talk about quality, but not everyone has the quality control resources to prove those claims. They need to be able to break down exactly what makes their QC work.

The following are five ways in which a documented quality control system can provide a true ROI on your custom metal manufacturing.


Saying that quality is improved by a standard, consistent manufacturing process might seem like an obvious statement. However, consistency combined with constant testing not only promotes better quality control but improved safety as well.

Make sure your metal-manufacturing partner is up to date with OSHA regulations. You’ll also want to have a QC chain of commands to ensure consistency and OSHA compliance at all stages of the project.

Regular quality control inspections, from design to installation, are critical to identifying process defects that can lead to injuries. These QC checks can include:

  • Design engineering based on safety regulatory standards
  • Review designs with customers and metal production teams to make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Order materials that meet quality standards such as applicable OSHA regulations and material specifications, ASTM specifications, etc
  • Maintain performance qualification files for each welder, tacker and welding operator
  • Ensure that each completed part is properly handled, stored, or shipped to prevent damage that could result in a safety hazard.

Cost Management

It’s important to manage costs by ensuring safety with QC measurements. By implementing quality control, early on, you can avoid mistakes, downtime, and material handling costs.

  • Does your QC process offer complete transparency, including an on-site installation process?
  • Does it maintain strict quality control over all manufacturing materials, labor, and management?
  • Are you recording your progress throughout the production process, including photographs?


Make sure potential partners are practicing what they preach when they claim metal manufacturing compliance. Do they comply with industry standards? Will you receive dependable safety reports and OSHA requirements?

Your partner must be able to create suitable industrial access solutions that handle your facility’s layout. You’ll need to be able to calculate OSHA specifications for industrial access equipment while meeting the facility’s exact specifications.

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