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custom steel fabricating

Custom Steel Fabricating: An Industry Of Trends

When it comes to the metal fabrication industry, there’s been a lot of impressive growth over the last few years. In jobs and technology, we’ve seen companies go from strength to strength by following developments in this field.

In today’s article, we’ll put some of the leading trends in custom steel fabricating under the microscope. Why? Because there is no better way to get ahead than to understand the world in which you’re trying to succeed.

The Industry As It Stands

Metal manufacturing is a robust industry with a lot of good growth to it, which is encouraging. It’s in great shape, even in spite of government intervention and tariffs are and the concerns they bring with them.

The hope is that both the steel and aluminum fabrication industries continue to experience demand in this growing market.

Reshoring Comes Back To America

Over the last half-decade, industrial reshoring has been making a grand return to the United States. This trend comes as a result of new technology and advanced automation, as well as increased costs associated with working overseas.

In 2019, you can expect to see more of this trend in reshoring, restoring the U.S. economy and providing more opportunities for parties on both sides of the service.

Tube Laser Technology

Emerging tube laser technology has introduced various advantages to the traditional fabrication processes. These laser units allow us to produce intricate cuts, creating better work in a fraction of the usual time.

Look for big-name custom steel fabricating services using tube lasers for an idea of how big this trend really is.

3D Printing

Moving even further into the 21st century, we see the metal industry aggressively pursuing 3D printing tech. Metal printing uses a stamping process to process metals according to specific designs.

Where 3D printing may have once been some sign of the future, the modern metal fab industry has welcomed it with open arms. Look for these rugged industrial tools in fabricator offices in 2019.

Industry Outlook

With the custom steel fabricating industry in the United States ranking third in terms of manufacturing, it’s safe to say the industry is trending upwards. Expect to see an excess of $21 billion flow through the industry over the course of the next five years.

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