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fabrication misconceptions

Metal Fabrication Misconceptions

Starting a new on-demand metalworking project can be daunting, especially to find a partner who understands your unique requirements. In addition to budgeting, there are time, quality and logistics factors to consider.

Do you believe they can follow through with a true design delivery? Do they practice what they preach? Part of the process is learning where and how to set your expectations.

Avoid these seven common fabrication misconceptions when choosing a custom metal manufacturing partner for your business.

You Don’t Need An Engineer

All successful custom metalworking projects begin with a successful design-engineering collaboration. Before the design is built, you must ensure the correct piece is in place to convert the metal design into a component. You can then start the visualization process.

For example, custom steel products often move from “design” to “manufacturing design” before the next step. This step is followed by product design, engineering, prototyping, and finally manufacturing.

Even with the engineers already involved in the design process, full-service producers industry leaders consistently advise using engineers.

Professional Presentations Mean Your Producer Is Good

The fact that an author promises the moon with a gorgeous, sophisticated PowerPoint does not mean they have the stopping power to back it up.

Ask your fabricator if you can take a tour of the facility. If they refuse, keep your eyes peeled. If you are offered a tour, be aware of dirty shops with old equipment. Metal makers who do not cut corners with their equipment are more likely to offer advanced technology for more focus on quality.

Professional Metal Work Means Zero Product Inspections

Find a partner with quality control specialists. Nothing ever justifies not having your components looked over, no matter how top quality they are. Remember, it is easier to maintain quality control over time with inspections than to shell out for a massive repair job.

Fabrication misconceptions are easy to make if you’re not in the business. Luckily for you, you don’t need to be. For more on metal fabrication from one of the leaders in the industry, get in touch with Megstar Industries today to find out about our service portfolio.


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