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Metal Fabrication Stainless Steel

Metal Fabrication Company in Ormond Beach

It can be daunting to find the right industry professionals for any project these days, let alone the metal fabrication industry. What typical lay-person knows anything about this? Whether your project is personal or business, small or large, let Megstar Industries, a metal fabrication company in Ormond Beach, handle it for you.

Headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida, they have been nationally recognized for their unmatched craftsmanship for over fifty years. Given those generations before us, the past and current laborers have created an untouchable business in the metal fabrication industry. Therefore, making way to a new generation of fabricators.

Why We Love Our Customers

We understand our loyal customers have also made us who we are today. Most importantly, they are heart of our company. The client lists we have and have had only shows our professionalism and dedication to our longevity and our professional craft. We love when our customers bring us new ideas and design challenges. Technology is where we truly set ourselves apart from our competitors just in being able to get these projects done.

What We Are Experts In

As we call ourselves ‘Experts of Fabrication’, we put our heart and soul into every project we take on. We are master experts under the major categories of metal fabrication. We serve the consumer with the following methods:

  • Metal Fabrication – Precision sheet metal and structural, design-built prototypes and production manufacturing. We work on stainless steel, structural steel, aluminum and miscellaneous metals.
  • Welding – An expert welding shop with AWB certified welders for offsite services. We work on MIG/TIG/stick welding, aluminum and stainless steel welding, as well as mild and carbon steel welding.
  • Media Blasting – A full-service facility for restoring and coating adhesion profiles with over 40 years of experience. We work with in-house and portable services on wet and dry media blasting.
  • Fall Arrest – OSHA-Compliant fall arrest systems, design-built to building configuration requirements. We work with 316 work-hardened stainless steel materials for maximum strength, durability and corrosion resistance, along with additional safety points for rescue contingencies.
  • Architectural Solutions – Structural and architectural solutions for custom-built projects, not limited to size. We offer turnkey solutions for custom manufacturing projects, research, and development for architectural concepts and building code compliance.
  • Mechanical Solutions – Practical mechanical solutions for better performance and efficiency. We offer work on custom-built mechanical components, diagnostic and repair services for fatigued components and research and development for mechanical solutions. 

Why Megstar Is Different

We have consistently remained at the pinnacle of our industry for customer service and expert workmanship. Our commitment to quality and expert workmanship is how we do business, all day, every day. Above all, resulting in keeping our pricing competitive while delivering the best product to our consumers.  

Megstar Has The Best Quality Products

Megstar Industries is always on top of the latest technical and mechanical advancements in the industry. We offer cutting-edge ideas, head and shoulders above our competitors and always, at a price that won’t break the bank. Making us the leading metal fabrication specialists in Daytona Beach.

Why Choose Megstar

Megstar Industries has one passion, and it’s to fulfill every customer’s needs. When you have a project, don’t settle for just any fabrication company. Go to the one who knows the industry. Remember: we have the years of experience to take any job from inception to creation. 

Contact Megstar Industries for any project, big or small, and get ready to be amazed. As always, we care about you, your ideas and your project. Don’t settle for just any metal fabrication company: choose Megstar, the metal fabrication company in Ormond Beach.


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