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Questions To Ask Your Metal Fabricator: A Second Look

The metal fabrication industry has a lot of facets and dozens of possible uses in the world around us. With its valuable place in the construction, design, and safety industries, to name but a few, there are more than a few reasons to hire a metal fabricator.

But how do you know you’re hiring the right company? You’re not from the metal fabrication business. What should you look out for?

Join us today for the second in our series of articles on choosing the right company for your next metal fabrication project.

Price Structure

If you’re a business owner considering metal fabrication services, you probably don’t need us to mention budgets to you. Then again, maybe you do.

For projects of any size, make sure to receive multiple quotes from fabricators once you’ve had time to assess them. Check to see if their pricing is in line with what you want to spend and with their competitors. Ask yourself, “Does this price tag reflect a certain level of quality and skill?” and “What can I expect for my investment at this price?”

Ask for an outline of the areas of the project represented in their price estimate, just so everyone is on the same page, as well.

Making Sure They Have The Staying Power

At the beginning of a project, it can be easy to obssess over the initial construction phases. This is just the first step in a much longer journey, and you need to know you have what it takes to make it to the end.

Find out if your metal fabricator can paint and finish your project to your specifications. Can they give you the blasted, finished product you’ll want at the end without having to subcontract the job? If you want high-quality work at a level of quality you can be happy with, look for a single company who can handle your project from end to end.

Their Reviews and Dependability

Using the services of a business you haven’t “checked out” ahead of time is never advised. You need to check references from the people who’ve used your metal fabricator before, well ahead of time.

Look online for references from past projects and ask the company themselves for a list of referrals. Check out the BBB, Yelp and other sources for a clearer image of the people you’re about to employ.


Of course, another great way to gauge a business’ ability to deliver on their work is to find out about their certifications. Has any kind of higher power signed off on them? Have they been inspected, and how recently? Ask for proof of their standards, above and beyond reviews or referrals, for 100% peace of mind.

Metal Fabrication: Do The Job Right

Ultimately, metal fabrication, like any other service industry, is made better by companies who pride themselves on quality workmanship. With the help of today’s article, you’ll be ready to get the most out of your next fabrication job with a company you can trust.

And, speaking of trustworthy metal fabricators…

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