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The Leading Metal Fabrication Company in Daytona Beach: Megstar Industries

Just around the corner, in sunny Daytona, resides a nationally recognized leading metal fabrication company called Megstar Industries. Being in operation for over 50 years and with many generational experts on-hand, we have proudly set the standard within our industry.  

Our tried-and-true client list only bonds our professionalism and expertise to our craft and longevity. As the fabrication business is extremely competitive, it is also rapidly changing. So, for our customers, we must stay ahead of the curve.

Megstar Industries Specialties

As our motto rings true in every project we touch, we are the ‘Experts of Fabrication’. Within our fields of expertise, there are a few we truly specialize in. We only work on what we know we can deliver, to the highest level of craftsmanship. And what we deliver, is synonymous with perfection.

Our scope of projects falls under these categories below:

  • Metal Fabrication – Precision sheet metal and structural, design-built prototypes and production manufacturing. We work on stainless steel, structural steel, aluminum and miscellaneous metals.
  • Welding – An expert welding shop with AWB certified welders for offsite services. We work on MIG/TIG/stick welding, aluminum and stainless steel welding, as well as mild and carbon steel welding.
  • Media Blasting – A full-service facility for restoring and coating adhesion profiles, with over 40 years of experience. We work with in-house and portable services on wet and dry media blasting.
  • Fall Arrest – OSHA-Compliant fall arrest systems. Design-built to building configuration requirements. We work with 316 work-hardened stainless steel materials for maximum strength, durability and corrosion resistance, along with additional safety points for rescue contingencies.
  • Architectural Solutions – Structural and architectural solutions for custom-built projects, not limited to size. We offer turnkey solutions for custom manufacturing projects, research, and development for architectural concepts and building code compliance.
  • Mechanical Solutions – Practical mechanical solutions for better performance and efficiency. We offer work on custom-built mechanical components, diagnostic and repair services for fatigued components and research and development for mechanical solutions. 

Why Megstar Is Different

Megstar Industries values our customers and always puts them first. We realize that, without them, we couldn’t be touting almost six decades of being in business. Our commitment to quality and expert workmanship is how we do business, day after day and year after year. We have consistently remained at the pinnacle of our industryusing on customer service and expert workmanship. This results with us keeping up with our competitive pricing while delivering the best product to the public. 

Megstar Has The Best Quality Products

Megstar Industries is always on top of the latest technical and mechanical advancements in the industry. We offer cutting-edge ideas, head and shoulders above our competitors and always, at a price that won’t break the bank. Making us the leading metal fabrication specialists in Daytona Beach.

Why Choose Megstar

At Megstar Industries, our experienced staff puts us at the forefront of the fabrication industry. Whether you need to think outside the box on a project or you need assistance in your idea, we will be there, helping you with every step. In return, you will be very happy with your finished piece.

Megstar Industries has one passion, and it’s to fulfill every customer’s needs. We have earned our 50+ years of accolades within this industry by creating, designing and fabricating, and we won’t let up now. Contact Megstar Industries for any project, big or small, and get ready to be amazed. As always, we care about you, your ideas and your project. Don’t settle for just any metal fabrication company: choose Megstar. 


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