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Trends in Metal Fabrication

In spite of modern technology, it’s an inescapable truth that we live in an age of industry. Businesses the world over lend their services to hardworking men and women with building, repairing, and, specifically to us, fabricating.

Although there will always be some degree of concern over the future of the industry, it doesn’t show any signs of slowing any time soon. Manufacturing has seen a lot of promising growth in the last few years.

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at s few choice metal fabrication trends in store for 2019.

The State of Metal

Metal manufacturing as an industry has experienced healthy growth in the last few years. That being said, government intervention has been a source of some concern, recently, and the price of steel and aluminum has surged as a result.

The industry, thankfully, is still pushing forward, as strong as ever. Fabricators expect to see a consistent demand, even through any adjustment on behalf of the market to these prices. 

Tube Laser Technology

If any technology has led to the development of the most significant changes in metal fabrication and manufacturing, it’s tube laser tech.

Introducing several important improvements over traditional manufacturing, tube lasers produce more intricate cuts and speed up fabrication. They also help to save on downstream assembly and reduce costs. More than anything, however, they improve the quality. 

3D Printing

The metal industry is expanding in leaps and bounds, as fabrication starts leaning toward 3D printing tech. A left turn from traditional steel fabrication, metal 3D printing stamps metals to produce any given required design. 3D printing has developed into a complete manufacturing tool.

Industry Perception

The metal fabrication industry ranks third in the country in terms of providing manufacturing jobs. Global metal fabrication is predicted to exceed $21 billion in the next five years, and there are a number of great emerging growth opportunities. The most important part is to respond to trends in the industry in a positive and authentic way.

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