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wet blasting

Wet Blasting: The Pros and Cons

The media blasting technique known as “wet blasting” has become extremely popular in recent years. This is a solution that works well for specific sandblasting applications, while still carrying its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Join us today, as we outline the advantages and disadvantages of wet blasting and determine if it meets your unique sandblasting requirements.

The Benefits

Dust Reduction and Easier Cleaning

When it comes to wet blasting, one of the biggest advantages is its potential for dust reduction. This is especially useful in situations where the sandblast media may crumble.

Wet blasting also allows us to wash off surfaces with water without any significant problems. This makes it stronger and more durable when left outside in inclement weather.

Resource Management

Another benefit to wet blasting is that it often helps reduce your overall media usage. The amount of media being used depends on the size of the jet nozzle, and this blasting system lets you add water to reduce this amount.

Preparation For External Conditions

Depending on which wet blaster you’re using, you can get various other benefits as a result. A wet blaster that has actual water mixed into the media, for example, means the blast will already feature water and won’t be affected by moisture. And, as a result, this translates into less chance of rust.

The Cons

Cost (Sometimes)

Especially to start with, wet blasting is more expensive, as it requires a sandblasting as well as water injection. Upgrading your existing blast or fully integrating a brand new system can run into money in some cases, but it really depends on your specifics.

Containing Your Media Is A Challenge

One of the big things when it comes to media blasting is being able to retain the materials you’re blasting with. It’s a way of conserving your resources and can help to drive down costs if you’re not “wasting” that limited media.

In cases where this is the goal, what you blast and what you use to blast should be able to retain its residual media or byproducts somewhat naturally. When this is not the case, other methods are necessary, and the process becomes more of a challenge.

The Final Word

Wet blasting is an extremely effective variety of media blasting with a lot of great benefits. Though, like anything else, there are specific problems to watch out for, what works for wet blasting more than makes up for it.

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